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Hi, I'm Paul!

I started to build taggable in my spare time after I realised my wife (a GP) was coming home from work with excessive amounts of sticky notes.

When I asked what they were, she explained that they were the recommendations her patients were giving her for resources (local specialists and other health services, products, websites, books, etc., etc., etc.). She wanted to keep these so she could provide those same recommendations to her colleagues and other patients. "The problem," she explained, "is that I sometimes can't find the recommendation I know is there when I need it."

taggable solves this problem by providing a tag-based filing system for digital sticky notes.

Instead of writing the information on a sticky note, you add the information to a digital card on taggable, and tag the resource based on its content (not on its type). Tagging by content makes it much easier to find the right resource at a later date.

For example, if a patient recommends a local child psychologist, you add the tag "child psychology" to their contact when you add it to the system.

Another patient might recommend a book on child psychology, so you add the details of the book and tag it "child psychology".

The next time someone asks for some recommendations related to child psychology - BAM - you click the tag and you immediately have a local psychologist and a book. Even better, the built-in sharing functionality of taggable means you can send them the details to their email address or phone without sharing our own contact details.

taggable works even better in teams. By using the teams option, you can opt to share whichever resources you want with your colleagues, and you get to benefit from their collective knowledge, too. The next time you click on that "child psychology" tag, you could discover new resources you didn't know about.

Key features of taggable:

  • • Store new knowledge and share with patients and colleagues quickly and easily
  • • Easily retrieve a range of resources linked to a particular topic
  • • Benefit from the collective knowledge of your colleagues

taggable is free to use on our cheapest plan. Pricing scales with the number of resources you store, and the ability to add and share across a team also costs money. I'd love to give everything away for free, but my goal is to spend my working days improving the site for a growing user base, and I have to eat!

If you have any questions about how the site works, where your information is stored, security, etc., or suggestions for improvements, please hit the blue speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Middleton
[email protected]