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By System Admin
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Having problems? I'm in the process of writing support documentation to help with the functionality of the site. This will be listed under the support tag, and accessible via the information (i) icon on the far right of the navigation bar at the top of the screen (on at the bottom of the hamburger menu if you're using a small screen device like a mobile phone).

I've also written a "welcome" post that contains some kick-start info here.

In the meantime, the quickest way to receive help or to ask a question is to click on the speech bubble icon in the bottom right-hand corner of every screen.

Use this to:

  • • Ask questions on how to do something
  • • Report something's not working, but you're able to work around the problem
  • • Suggest improvements

You can also contact me via email at [email protected], or using the details available here if you need to contact me urgently.

I'm always interested to know how I can improve the site for you, so please share any problems or ideas you have that I can use to make the site work better for you.